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Our research primarily addresses the ecological and evolutioanry processes underpinning host-parasite interactions. Across several biological systems, we are addressing the following questions:

1. Which are the evolutionary drivers acting on host-parasite interactions?

2. To which extant do such constraints involve ‘Genetics x Genetics’ and/or ‘genetics x genetics x environment’ interactions?

3. How do biodiversity changes coupled with evolutionary constraints modify the patterns of disease emergence?

The group:

Staffs belong to CNRS, Montpellier University and IRD. This offers the opportunity for the group as a whole to compare the ecological and/or evolutionary constraints among biological systems that are more related to either to public health or to blue sky research. The group is mainly structured around the following issues:

1. interactions between Plasmodium spp et mosquito-vectors (MoMa)

2. biotic interactions within the communities defined by ticks, their hosts, competitors, symbiotes and tick-borne pathogens (Ticks)

3. the factors underpinning pathogens emergences and their relationships with global changes (climate change, ecosystems modifications, long-distance migrations, etc) (Multi-host-pathogens communities)

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France (Montpellier & Cayenne); Cameroun (Yaoundé), Burkina Faso (Bobo-Dioulasso)