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Média autour de l'article In press dans Current Biology;

Climate and Urbanization Drive Mosquito Preference for Humans




The majority of mosquito-borne illness is spread by a few mosquito species that have evolved to specialize in biting humans, yet the precise causes of this behavioral shift are poorly understood. We address this gap in the arboviral vector Aedes aegypti. We first collect and characterize the behavior of mosquitoes from 27 sites scattered across the species’ ancestral range in sub-Saharan Africa, revealing previously unrecognized variation in preference for human versus animal odor...

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Média :-

'Pourquoi les moustiques des villes préfèrent le sang humain' par Vincent BORDENAVE dans 'Le Figaro' (30/07/20)

'Comment le goût du sang humain vient aux moustiques' par Agnès VERNET dans 'Heidi.News' (23/07/30)

'Why Some Mosquitoes Prefer Humans' par Angela CHEN dans 'The New York Times' (23/07/20)


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