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Surname : CARRASCO
Name : David
Team : EEPI
Grade : CRCN
Email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone : (+33) 4 67 41 64 28
Fax : (+33) 4 67 41 62 99
Office : 617
Locality : IRD Montpellier
Employer : IRD

Publications :

Grison C, Carrasco D, Pelissier F, Moderc A (2020) Reflexion on bio-sourced mosquito repellents: Nature, activity, and preparation. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8: 8 doi

Proffit M, Lapeyre B, Buatois B, Deng XX, Arnal P, Gouzerh F, Carrasco D, Hossaert-McKey M (2020) Chemical signal is in the blend: bases of plant-pollinator encounter in a highly specialized interaction. Scientific Reports 10: 10071 doi

Rahmani R, Carrasco D, Svensson GP, Roweck H, Ryrholm N, Larsson MC, Hedenstrom E (2020) Identification and synthesis of putative pheromone components of the threatened salt marsh bagworm moth, Whittleia retiella (Lepidoptera: Psychidae). Journal of Chemical Ecology 46: 115-127 doi

Carrasco D, Lefèvre T, Moiroux N, Pennetier C, Chandre F, Cohuet (2019) Behavioural adaptations of mosquito vectors to insecticide control. Current Opinion in Insect Science 34: 48-54 doi

Carrasco D, Nyabuga FN, Anderbrant E, Svensson GP, Birgersson G, Lankinen A, Larsson MC, Andersson MN (2019) Characterization of olfactory sensory neurons in the red clover seed weevil, Protapion trifolii (Coleoptera: Brentidae) and comparison to the closely related species P. fulvipes. Journal of Insect Physiology 119: 103948 doi

Mulatier M, Camara S, Koffi A, Carrasco D, Porciani A, Chandre F, Moiroux N, Lefèvre T, Dabire R, Assi S, Alou LPA, Dormont L, Pennetier C, Cohuet A (2019) Efficacy of vector control tools against malaria-infected mosquitoes. Scientific Reports 9: 6664 doi