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Surname : BUYSSE
Name : Marie
Team : EEPI
Grade : Doctorante
Fax : (+33) 4 67 41 62 99
Locality : IRD Montpellier

Publications :

Buysse M, Duhayon M, Cantet F, Bonazzi M, Duron O (2021) Vector competence of the African argasid tick Ornithodoros moubata for the Q fever agent Coxiella burnetii. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 15: e0009008 doi

Binetruy F, Buysse M, Lejarre Q, Barosi R, Villa M, Rahola N, Paupy C, Ayala D, Duron O (2020) Microbial community structure reveals instability of nutritional symbiosis during the evolutionary radiation of Amblyomma ticks. Molecular Ecology 29: 1016-1029 doi

Binetruy F, Garnier S, Boulanger N, Talagrand-Reboul E, Loire E, Faivre B, Noel V, Buysse M, Duron O (2020) A novel Borrelia species, intermediate between lyme disease and relapsing fever groups, in neotropical passerine-associated ticks. Scientific Reports 10: doi

Binetruy F, Dupraz M, Buysse M, Duron O (2019) Surface sterilization methods impact measures of internal microbial diversity in ticks. Parasites & Vectors 12: 268 doi

Buysse M, Plantard O, McCoy KD, Duron O, Menard C (2019) Tissue localization of Coxiella-like endosymbionts in three european tick species through fluorescence in situ hybridization. Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases 10: 798-804 doi

Buysse M, Duron O (2018) Multi-locus phylogenetics of the Midichloria endosymbionts reveals variable specificity of association with ticks. Parasitology 145: 1969-1978 doi

Duron O, Morel O, Noel V, Buysse M, Binetruy F, Lancelot R, Loire E, Menard C, Bouchez O, Vavre F, Vial L (2018) Tick-bacteria mutualism depends on B vitamin synthesis pathways. Current Biology 28: 1896-1902 doi