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Multi-host-pathogen communities


Our researches focus on the understanding of pathogen emergence in multi-hosts/multi-pathogens communities, with a special interest to their interactions with global changes (e.g., human-made perturbations of ecosystems, migrations, changes in the soil usages, etc). Aside modeling developments of pathogen emergence, we are studying the interconnections between pathogen emergence and global changes (e.g., human perturbation of ecosystems, pollution, migration, changes in land usages, etc). We are thus studying diverse biological models, including the emerging Mycobacterium ulcerans (the agent of Buruli ulcer), emerging fungal pathogens of fishes and/or the communities in pathogens which have merged in human populations in the middle ages.


Implantations :

France (Montpellier & Cayenne)


Other activities of the team :

Member of labex CEBA


Co-PI with Institut Pasteur de Yaoundé (Cameroun),  the Université d’Angers et INSERM of an international young team associated to IRD (JEAI) ATOMyc focusing on the ecology and evolution in Cameroon of Mycobacterium ulcerans, the agent of Buruli ulcer


Coordination of teaching modules in the international master of public health in Ecole des hautes études en santé publique (EHESP) & the Master biodiversité écologie évolution à Montpellier