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We are interested in the evolution and diversity of viral lifestyles.

Viruses are the epitome of parasitism. Viral life cycle alternates between a metabolically inactive entity responsible for transmission, the virion, and a metabolically active entity responsible for genome replication, transcription, translation and virion generation, the virocell. A virus must infect a cellular host so that the ensemble becomes a virocell. The interactions between viruses and hosts from the very beginning of cellular life itself have generated an enormous diversity of viral life cycles and several gradients of virus-host interactions: from acute to chronic, latent or silent; from lethal to benign or asymptomatic; from extremely to slightly productive. We aim at understanding the origin and evolution of viral lifestyle diversity by means of experimental and bioinformatic approaches.

Our model are DNA-based viruses, mostly papillomaviruses. Papillomaviruses (PVs) are part and parcel of the skin microbiota in all mammals, and ancestral PVs already infected the ancestral bony vertebrates. The vast majority of PV  infections in humans as well as in other animals are asymptomatic and virtually all individuals get infected very early in life. Yet, some PVs can trigger benign proliferations and cause warts in humans and in many other animals, transmitted by simple contact or by sexual route. Further, a handful of closely related PVs are responsible for ca. 5% of all human cancers, essentially in anogenital and oropharyngeal sites. Despite intense research, many questions remain open regarding the evolutionary connection between PV infections and cancer.

Our ultimate aim is to better understand why only certain PVs are associated to cancer, while the majority of PVs cause asymptomatic infections.


Our website: virostyle.cnrs.fr


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