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Call for research proposals on Genomics of human infectious diseases

The increased availability and decreased cost of sequence data is transforming research in epidemiology and public health. For instance, the ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014-2016 has led to a rapid and massive production, and sharing, of throusands of virus full genomes sequences. What is true for microbial genomics is also becoming true for human genomics. Recently, the UK biobank has released a database including more than 100,000 human genomes. The availability of these genomes has implications from epidemiology (understanding how microbes spread) to immunology (identifying candidate genes for vaccines or  treatments).

MIVEGEC (Montpellier, France) is a leading research unit in Europe working on the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases. It has strong expertise in vector-borne diseases, mathematical modeling and virus evolution. The department is looking for a young research to set up a team on human and/or microbial genomics with implications on public health.

The department calls for applications (see details below) to elaborate a proposal to be submitted to the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM). If selected by the FRM, the applicant will be awarded a 200k€ grant in the first year to set-up his/her group and will have an option for a 100k€ grant the second year. This funding can be used for the PIs salary (if necessary), to hire a post-doctoral research fellow or engineer, and for consumables. In return, the department will provide access to its facilities, including the platforms (e.g. the IRD bioinformatics cluster). Applicants are also expected to apply for other types of funding by the end of the first year (ANR, ERC). Further details about the FRM application (in French) can be found here:


Elligibility criteria

- Demonstrate early career achievement in genomics of human infectious diseases.
- At the deadline, hold a PhD for less than 7 years (career breaks will be taken into account).
- Not being currently supported by a significant independent grant (e.g. ERC, ATIP-Avenir, ANR Jeune Chercheur / Jeune Chercheuse).
- Demonstrate mobility throughout the scientific career.
- Demonstrate integration in international reserch networks.


Applicants should submit a 1-page CV, an exhaustive list of
publications, a research achivement statement (less than 5 pages) and a
research project (less than 5 pages). They can also add up to two
recommendation letters.

3 to 5 applicants will be selected to be interviewed by an international
panel in Montpellier

Importantly, success to this call does not guarantee success to the FRM
call. The applicant selected by MIVEGEC will only be allowed to apply to
the FRM.


- Deadline for the call: 10 July 2019
- Results for the pre-interview step: mid-August 2019
- Interviews in Montpellier: 11 September 2019



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