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Interactive identification key for arthropods of medical importance


Identification of specimens is a crucial point for any study in biology: inventory of biodiversity, phylogenetic studies, ecology etc. Biologists began producing computer-aided-identification systems in the late 1960s. The main difference between classical keys and these systems is the replacement of fixed sequences of questions on a printed key by a dynamic free multi-access system including images and documents to help the user.


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MosKeyTool (Mosquitoes of the Euro-Mediterranean area). Identification tool for 132 species of Culicidae (larval and adult stages) in Europe (Russia included), the Mediterranean Basin, Black Sea and Middle East. A single common basis for genus and species identification.

F. Gunay, M. Picard, V. Robert - MosKeyTool (2020) ; Version 2.2, English, last update: 23/06/2020

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PhlebKeyTool (The phlebotomine sandflies of Europe, Mediterranean area, Middle-East, Arabian Peninsula and Iran). Identification tool for males and females of 84 species and sub-species of Phlebotominae (52 Phlebotomus et 32 Sergentomyia). A single common basis for genus, species and sub-species identification.

The dataset has been developed in the framework of the European project MediLabSecure by a consortium coordinated by Dr Ozge Erisoz and Pr. Bulent Alten’s lab (VERG) in Hacettepe Univ, Ankara, Turkey

Erisoz Kasap O, Depaquit J, Rahola N, Haddad N, Gunay F, Akhoundi M, Dvorak V, Ivovic V, Ozbel Y, Sawalha S, Picard M, Robert V & Alten B (2021) PhlebKeyTool, identification of phlebotomine sandfly species in Europe, Mediterranean area and Middle-East, Version 1. Version 1, posted 23/03/2021

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Other arthropod databases are available in French version: Anopheles in the Afrotropical Region; Culicidae genera in the afrotropical region, mosquitoes of Europe, mosquitoes of Mediterranean Africa, sandflies of the afrotropical region.

How to install this identification tool ?

1. Download and install the Xper2 identification software
Version 2.3.2 for Windows XP/Vista/7 / Linux / MacOS X (>10.10) / MacOS X (<10.11). More infos on Xper2.

2. Download the arthropod database (.zip file) of your choice.
Extract the zip archive inside a directory, you must have 1 folder and 4 files:
folder " images"
file "[name of the database].xpd"
file "[ name of the database].xpx"
file "[ name of the database].xpw"
file "[ name of the database].xpr"

3. Open the Xper2 software .
Go to File -> Open a Database, and select the file “[name of the database].xpd"

How to use MosKeyTool?


Tutorial to use MosKeyTool from MediLabSecure on Vimeo.

This tutorial will help you 1) to install the Xper2 software and 2) to guide you in your first steps with the MosKeyTool - an interactive identification key for mosquitoes of Euro-Mediterranean.

Report a problem?

We publish these databases versions using the Xper2 identification software, designed by the LIS, laboratory of computer science and systematics, CNRS-University Paris 6-MNHN.

These versions may contain imperfections that we are striving to correct. Please let us know of your suggestions for corrections and any problems encountered during their use by contacting:

Gestionnaires : P. Boussès, B. Granouillac

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