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Surname : GOZLAN
Name : Rodolphe
Team : EEPI
Grade : DR2
Email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone : (+33) 4 67 41 63 33
Fax : (+33) 4 67 41 62 99
Office : 352
Locality : IRD Montpellier
Employer : IRD
Theme : Ecology of infectious diseases, environmental health, dynamics of ecosystems and health

Publications :

Diagne C, Leroy B, Gozlan RE, Vaissiere AC, Assailly C, Nuninger L, Roiz D, Jourdain F, Jaric I, Courchamp F (2020) InvaCost, a public database of the economic costs of biological invasions worldwide. Scientific Data 7: 277 doi

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Al-Shorbaji F, Roche B, Britton R, Andreou D, Gozlan R (2017) Influence of predation on community resilience to disease. Journal of Animal Ecology 86: 1147-1158 doi

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