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Monday the 21st of December 2020, at 2:00 PM, Benedicte FUSTEC will defend her PhD entitled

Exploring the potential of serological biomarkers to assess the risk of dengue transmission in north-Eastern Thailand


The defense will take place place by video conference*


The jury for the thesis will be composed of :
 ·      Jean Pierre Dedet (president of jury)
·      Lionel Almeras (referee)
·      Nicole L. Achee (referee)
·      Audrey Lenhart (examiner)
·      Richard Paul (examiner)
·      Vincent Corbel (director of thesis)
·      Hans J. Overgaard (co-supervisor of thesis)


Abstract :

In Thailand dengue epidemiology is seasonal and cyclical, yet outbreaks are particularly difficult to predict. Various epidemiological and entomological indices have been used for surveillance but they lack of reliability and accuracy for assessing dengue transmission risk. This thesis aims to develop more practical and sensitive tools and indicators of dengue transmission risk that may be used to forecast dengue outbreaks. A first retrospective epidemiological study showed that dengue incidence spatio-temporal pattern is strongly guided by climatic factors and urbanization. Serology surveys conducted through a randomized controlled trial evidenced a strong and positive “dose-response” association between Aedes adult abundance and the intensity of Ab response to Aedes salivary peptide, hence demonstrating the capacity of salivary biomarkers to assess fine-scale variations in Aedes-exposure risk. A case-control study conducted in the same area showed however that neither the level of Aedes infestation nor the intensity of Ab response to Aedes were good predictors of dengue and risk factors associated with dengue were age, house characteristics and the presence of DENV-infected Aedes at the patient house. This thesis highlighted the complex interactions between Aedes vectors, climatic and socioeconomic factors and dengue transmission risk in Thailand and discussed the implications for the development of more efficient warning indices to prevent outbreaks.


* MIVEGEC members: check your mails 'mivegec-tous' for the link to the videoconference