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Diego AYALA soutiendra son HDR le mercredi 3 février 2021 à 14h00 en visio*



Natural and anthropogenic evolution of the malaria vector
Anopheles gambiae



Claudio Lazzari, Professeur Université Tours
Mathieu Joron, Directeur de Recherche CNRS, Rapporteur
Sarah Bonnet, Directrice de Recherche INRAE, Rapporteuse
Kenneth Vernick, Directeur de Recherche Institut Pasteur, Rapporteur,
Frederic Tripet, Professeur Université Keele



I am interested in evolutionary processes driving adaptation and evolution in mosquito vectors. In particular, my research focuses on the ability of major malaria vectors to adapt to a broad range of environmental and ecological conditions. I combine different genomic, physiological and behavioral approaches towards a comprehensive understanding of natural populations of these mosquito vectors. My fieldworks activities span several Africa regions. I use my access to field in order to fill the gap between lab-based and field-based experiments. In the last time, I focus to understand the underlying mechanisms that lead Anopheles to adapt to anthropogenic habitats, and in consequence, to became vectors.


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