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Nous vous invitons à venir nombreux au prochain séminaire du MIVEGEC qui aura lieu jeudi 10/01/19 à 11h00 dans l'Amphi des plantes du centre IRD de Montpellier.

El Hadji Amadou Niang (Laboratoire d’écologie vectorielle et parasitaire – Faculté des Sciences, Sénégal), nous fera une présentation intitulée :-

The Anopheles gambiae complex in Senegal: distribution and bio-ecology


Résumé de la présentation :

The Anopheles gambiae species complex consists of eight sibling species, including the primary malaria vectors in sub-Saharan Africa. Ecological diversification within the nominal species (An. gambiae s.s.) has led to the emergence of two incipient species, An. coluzzii (previously, M form) and An. gambiae (S form), which show heterogeneous levels of divergence across the continent. Despite extensive genetic studies, little is known of their bionomics in Senegal. These incipient species coexist in almost all inland areas of Senegal. Hybridization rates among them vary over time and space between study sites, but inbreeding indices suggest substantial reproductive isolation nonetheless. Populations of An. arabiensis, An. coluzzii and An. gambiae were shown to be resistant to DDT and pyrethroids, but susceptible to organophosphates and carbamates. The occurrence of DDT and pyrethroids cross-resistance was associated to the widespread distribution of the 1014F kdr allele. The existence of other resistance mechanisms, however, could not be ruled out given that a proportion of mosquitoes lacking the kdr allele were fully resistant to DDT and pyrethroids. Susceptibility to carbamates and organophosphates offers an alternative for insecticide resistance management in Senegal. In areas of sympatry, the three species play different roles in malaria transmission: An. gambiae is the main vector compared to An. arabiensis and An. coluzzii due to their lower anthropophily and biting rates.

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