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Nous vous invitons à venir nombreux au prochain séminaire du MIVEGEC le jeudi 14 février à 11h00 dans l’Amphi des plantes à l'IRD de Montpellier,

Simon FELLOUS chercheur à l'INRA, Departement Santé des Plantes et Environnement, nous fera une présentation intitulée

Love, war and transmission in Drosophila-microbe symbioses.


Résumé de la présentation :
Drosophilid fruits-flies are frequent in our kitchens, laboratories and farms, where some species, such as Drosophila suzukii, are responsible for large crop losses. Despite their ubiquity, and even though Drosophila melanogaster may be one of the most widely studied model organism, the ecology of these insects remains poorly understood. Close, symbiotic relationships between flies and microorganisms determine how flies modify their habitat, compete with other species and adapt to local conditions. In this seminar I will first focus on the bacteriological warfare between D. melanogaster and D. suzukii. Results of our experiments hint for the design of a new evolution-proof crop protection solution. Second, I will discuss current investigations on the very nature of fly-microbe symbiosis and how each group of organism my, or may not, affect each other's ecological and evolutionary dynamics.

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